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Steph Yorke

I can get pretty effusive when I try to say how much I love literature and art, so I won't write about that here. 

I read and write. I've published one book, Both Boys Climb Trees They Can't Climb Down (Signature Editions, 2012) as well as individual poems, essays, and stories. I've teamed up with artists and scholars on a small handful of different projects. 


I hold a doctorate in E.L.L from Oxford, where I was a Commonwealth Scholar. My thesis was about disability in fiction. I enjoyed my studies, but I never felt at home in the industry; I quit my first academic job after about eighteen months.


Often the last part of these bios is where people offer up some curated hints about their domestic life, so: I’ve been a confirmed old bachelor since I was like twenty-seven. I want a dog, but my landlord won't allow it. 

Photo Credit: S. Yorke. This is a placeholder until I get a proper photo of myself.

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