Steph Yorke

I read and write. I've published one book as well as individual poems, essays, and stories. 


The book is Both Boys Climb Trees They Can't Climb Down (Signature Editions, 2012, Winnipeg). Journal publications include PRISM International, The Fiddlehead, CV2, Prairie Fire, Ryga, Grain, The Malahat Review, Wave Composition, Descant, The MaynardThe Feathertale Review, and others. I've also published essays about literature and book reviews.

I really like to collaborate, and have teamed up with artists and scholars on a handful of different projects, including an essay and several short musical compositions. 

I hold a doctorate in literature from Oxford, where I wrote a thesis about disability in literature. I took up a junior academic position in Johannesburg for two years, but I was deeply unhappy in that work environment, so I left. 

Photo Credit: S. Yorke. This is a placeholder until I get a recent photo of myself.