A friend tells me I should organize these links. It's true, I should. I haven't yet.

Longish "Notes Toward" an essay: this one is about disability and family relationships in three different Canadian poets by way of responding to the book Beauty is a Verb. I'll link you through to the HAL table of contents again, so you can read the issue. Totally stoked that I got an illustration -- it's a bill bissett painting that I find I quite like.

Provisional essay: "Setting and Social Class: Toward a Reading of Some Anglophone New Brunswick Poets." This link will take you through to the table of contents, so you can read the issue of Hamilton Arts and Letters to your heart's content.


Recent poems in The Maynard Review: and

Co-authored research article about anti-racism and spaceships (paywall, unless you have university library access):


Blog interview:

A story, originally published in the paper magazine:


Soprano Anna Dennis sings the musical take-off from my riff on Goethe's "Welcome and Parting":

BBC Singers perform "Old Woman Dredges the River" (words mine, music Anna Krause):

First lecture in a series for secondary school students (with the subsequent lectures hiding behind a modest paywall):

My ​book, just in case your local library wants to order a copy:

I've left out a lot of links to published poetry, etc, because they appear early in the search results if you Google my name anyway. If you poke around a little, you'll find I was once published beside John Ashbery in Wave Composition, which was really just luck, but still made me feel overwhelmingly happy.