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Agnes Martin’s _Writings_ / Affordable Paperback?

She is my favourite painter. Googling Agnes Martin led me to her book, Writings. The text is available online in various formats, but getting a print copy is (at the time of writing) difficult and expensive.

Like many people, I dislike reading poetry or skilfully-written prose on a screen. Writings was so compelling that, neck and eyes forsaken, I read the entire thing on my laptop. Having it on paper would be wonderful.

Parts of Writings are luminous. Parts escaped me due to my limitations as a reader. A few parts fell short of the standard set by the rest. Writings isn't without blemish, but it’s a wildly intelligent book that a wide audience could enjoy and would benefit from reading.

I have a copy of the Cancer Journals by Audre Lorde. Lots of people have it, thanks to the paperback reissue; it’s a wonderful book. I don’t know what process or groundswell got that reasonably affordable paperback made, but if I did know, I would try to do the same thing for Agnes Martin.

If you have the know-how and the desire to do the same thing for Agnes Martin, you could. I might be willing to help with the legwork, if I knew what the legwork was.

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