“This whole Experiment of Green --”

There are quite a few Emily Dickinson poems you could read (or wilfully misread) in the context of climate change.

“Did we abolish Frost

The summer would not cease --

If Seasons perish or prevail

Is optional with Us --”


“I cannot meet the Spring unmoved --

I feel the old desire --

A Hurry with a lingering, mixed,

A Warrant to be fair --

A competition in my sense

With something hid in Her --

And as she vanishes, Remorse

I saw no more of Her.”

And surely:

“The sun retired to a cloud

A woman’s shawl as big --

And then he sulked in mercury

Upon a scarlet log --

The drops on Nature’s forehead stood

Home flew the loaded bees --

The South unrolled a purple fan

And handed to the trees.”

This is not an exhaustive list.

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