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Hire Me (a Lot or a Little)


You pay, I write, you sign. Pricing is based on turn-around time and several other criteria.


Book reviews: I would gladly accept payment to write an honest review of a third party’s book. I would not accept payment to write a review that is biased by the source of the money. 


Scholarly Manuscript: If you wanted to provide university library access and a modest CAD hourly wage, I would turn my academic thesis into a book or a few articles for you to put your name on. 


Other: Can you think of something else I might pen on your behalf? I might be keen. Reach out using the contact form. 



I have a good breadth of experience as an editor and proofreader. I’ve read for ESL students, lawyers, scientists, and other writers. 



I taught myself Quickbooks as part of a previous job, and then took a Udemy course to round out my skills. I could be your day-to-day bookkeeper. 


Dog Walking

Some of the most joyous hours of my life have been spent walking other people’s dogs. A steady job as a dog-walker would be beyond fantastic. I’m based in Montreal, so it would have to be around here.


Open to unusual jobs

I am an adaptable worker, and I like to learn. If you know of an unorthodox job that needs filling, please do pass along the description. 

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