Why is the blog called Pilfer?

You do not have to be as meek as this rat.

The blog is called Pilfer because you are welcome to steal from it. If you see a textual reference, a comparison between texts, or an idea in Pilfer which your own project could engulf like an amoeba, please help yourself. You have my blessing, and I don't care whatsoever if you cite me. 

Why? I often come across little scraps and bobs in reading that I think someone could use, and it bothers me that I have no way to pass them along. This blog is not something I plan to work on hard or often, but I may add to it on a rainy evening now and again. 

Please note: I take no responsibility for mistakes in my transcriptions and citations from the source material. It's up to you to check my references, check for errata, check my spelling, etc, and to chase up the page references I've mislaid. 


Photo Credit: Syl on Unsplash.